About Us

Simin Group, parent company of Armada Tile, has been in the construction industry since 1992. As leaders of international distribution of construction materials, Simin Group always holds itself to the highest standards.

Working with professionals who know what quality materials are is what Simin Group does best.

Armada Tile opened to the American market to celebrate Simin Group’s 25th anniversary. This marked a milestone in the history of our company, while also beginning a new venture. Our passion for construction materials continually drives us to expand and reach new heights.

We would also like to announce that Armada Tile is now a proud vendor of NG KUTAHYA Ceramic; one of the biggest ceramic factories in its region. Armada Tile upholds the highest of standards for premium quality products through the best distribution channels available. Excellence and the ability to follow and change with trends is what Armada Tile strives for.

Whether it be rustic elements or high resistance floor tiles, Armada Tile offers products for every imaginable use and covering single colors, marble, decorated tiles, and more.